28 December 2008.

New Years Greetings:

I wish to extend New Year’s greetings and good wishes for 2009 to you all. I hope the year ahead will bring you health and happiness and I pray for God’s blessings on all your work and undertakings in 2009. May God guide and direct all our efforts during the New Year. I pray for God’s blessings on all families and I pray especially for children in examination classes and those who are seeking employment. May you all be successful in your endeavours. I welcome all who have recently come to live in our community. I wish those people and their families happiness and success in our parish. With God’s help and guidance may the year ahead be a Good Year for us all.


Sat 27 Dec. 8 pm. William Walsh, Carrick, Anniv.
Sun 28 Dec. 11 am. Margaret Kerrigan, Cloonlee Anniv. and William & Bill Kerrigan.


29 Dec. 10 am. Tommy Burke, Clooncrim, 1st Anniv.


30 Dec. 10 am. Mass for all the people of the parish.


31 Dec. 9 pm. Mass of Remembrance for all who died during 2008. We will also pray for God’s guidance for the New Year.


1 Jan. 10 am Kay Knezerich nee Gaffey, Islands and deceased members of the family.


2 Jan. 7.30 pm. Patrick Godfrey, Birmingham & Oola, 4th Anniv.
Sat 3 Jan. 8 pm. Kate Caulfield, Clooninsla, Anniv.


4 Jan. 11 am. Tom Coll and deceased members of the Coll family, Clooninsla.
Eucharistic Ministers: Church Readers:
Ballinlough Church:
Sat 3 Jan. 8 pm Breda Grogan, Rose Gaffey John James Cregg
Sun 4 Jan. 11 am. Sylvia Murphy, Noreen Beirne Karina Doherty
Granlahan Church:
Sun. 4 Jan. 12 noon. John Caulfield, John Maloney


Sat 27 Dec. 7 pm. Thomas & Margaret Burke.
Sun 28 Dec. 12 noon. Teresa Jennings First Anniv.
Tues 30 Dec. No Mass
Wed 31 Dec. 8 pm Mass of Remembrance and Ceremony of Light.
Thurs 1 Jan. 8.15 pm. Pat Gormally.
Fri 2 Jan. 8.15 pm. Tom Bailey.
Sun 4 Jan. 12 noon Michael & Mai Greene, Michael (jnr.) Greene, Eileen Reeves-Greene.
No Saturday Evening mass in Granlahan Church from 3 Jan till first Saturday in May. Saturday Evening Masses Ballinlough 8.00 pm., Cloonfad 8.15 pm.

Offertory Collections:

Sat & Sun. 20th & 21st December

Ballinlough: € 755. Granlahan: €665.

I wish to thank most sincerely all who helped with the Christmas celebrations. I thank the children and their parents and Mrs. Noreen Kelly for the beautiful carol singing. I thank all who decorated the church so beautifully for the Christmas Feast. My gratitude to all who contributed to the Christmas collection for the support of the priests of the parish.

Mass of Remembrance and Ceremony of Light will be celebrated on New Year’s Eve for all those who died during 2008. We will pray also for God’s help and guidance for the New Year: Ballinlough 31 Dec. 9 pm.

Granlahan 31 Dec. 8 pm.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Jim Fitzmaurice who died recently.

Lough Harps FC are hosting a grand camel race night in Campbell’s Bar, Ballinlough on Sunday 28 December starting at 9.00 p.m. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Ballinlough Calendar is on sale in all local outlets. It depicts many local scenes and would be a wonderful reminder of home for those who are abroad. The calendar can also be ordered by email at

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