Recent Happenings

Not many postings in recent weeks due to other commitments and a lack of news.
Keep fit has begun again in Granlahan community centre - Thursdays at 8pm. A new roof has been put on the community centre - so that should keep the rain out for a few more years. Th ePost Office in Granlahan has had an extension and a bit of a facelift (new stone facing) - and very nice it looks.
Ballinlough continues to grow in size - houses being built all the time and a new Business Park and a new Petrol station have just been started. Cloonfad also is getting lots of new houses - mainly in "developments" of several houses close together. The villages are changing completely - but how much bigger can they get?
It is good that people are moving to the area - but the authorities need to ensure that facilities such as sewage, schools, childcare - have enough funding to cope with the influx of people.